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News today has undergone drastic change. It has become tech savvy and digital. Even though English news has become dominant, there are many others who still rely on Hindi news to get information. So it is the need of the hour to have Hindi news portal.

Any news portal be it Hindi or English has to be designed with great care and caution. The portal should be designed in such a manner that the reader gets the realistic feelings and the feeling of trust and confidence that he/she is in the right portal to access the current information.

Pointer Soft technologies Pvt. Ltd. has over the years carved a niche for itself as the professional Hindi news portalwebsite designer. Nestled in Delhi, the company has in its ambience state of art knowledge and diversified experience in developing and launching out of the box and alluring news portal development

The Company has proficient news portal developers who architect Hindi News portal by incorporating all the required templates that make the site look lively and interesting. Online communication has become the most vital medium of communication for people to exchange news, ideas and information and to design news portal for internet is a challenging job that requires in depth software knowledge and information of technical knowhow.

The news portals that we design are user friendly and easy to navigate. Apart from being eye catchy, we design news portal that gives the realistic feeling and provides good space for publications, press releases, columns, articles, blogs and other current news from all over the world.

Our software professionals weave and develop innovative website, state of art and modern style portals with advanced content management system. Our user friendly website designs will enable the potential readers to navigate through the site easily, fast loading and also they will enable to get the gist of news at the glance.

We very well know how to grab the attention of the readers and to make the news look appealing we allocate various sections to the site on the basis of page. We provide sections for news like entertainment, jobs, education, business, science and technology and all the other aspects that are specially required for news portal design.

We have diversified features like:

  • News website and web portal development
  • Customized news portal development
  • Customized news portal design
  • Integrated Content management system
  • Great interface
  • Robust maintenance and support system
  • Images and video posts
  • News highlight
  • Easy managing administration panel
  • Latest news updates
  • Polls
  • Multi Linguistic support
We take pride in being ace Hindi portal development company in Delhi, NCR and thus leave no stones unturned to make the portal stand ahead of others in the race. Our news based applications have ease of administration, real time alterations, easy customization of images and chat rooms along with many added features in tune to the business requirements.

Being pioneer Hindi news portal development company, we take special care to see that our news based applications are in tune to the modern and innovative changes and see to it that these changes are applied to make the news portal appealing.

Our designers incorporate multimedia features so that news would appear more realistic and authentic.

We incorporate state of art services that have unique blend of latest and modern technology tools like LAMP, XHTML, CSS, JAVA Script, jQuery etc. We strive to be in tune with technology and this we incorporate in our Hindi news portal development spree which is why when you access our news portal you instinctively develop WOW feeling and feel a sense of pride of our national language.

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