Hindi News Paper Development

Want to get current information from all across the globe? Newspapers have become part and parcel of the daily life for they give information and facts from all over the world. With changing technology, newspapers have become digital and people have started viewing it on the internet and in other words they have become digital.

People have now started reading newspaper through internet. Even though English news are commonly read, Hindi newsalso have their own market share and have many followers who still prefer to read and go through the news in their national language.

Designing the news paper portal is not a cake walk activity. It takes on nerves of the developers so it is vital that only those who are professionally involved and those who have experience in designing the portals should take this responsibility.

Pointer Soft technologies Pvt. Ltd is one such company that has great experience in Hindi news paper portal development. Our software professionals weave the news paper portals in such a manner that the readers get realistic feeling and develop a sense of trust and confidence in the site.

Nestled in Delhi, the company leaves no stones unturned to make the news portal best in every way. We incorporate all the required templates that make the site look interesting and the news alluring. We also allow enough room for people to engage in communication and design the portal in such a manner that the readers can exchange views and ideas. All these are a challenging task and it requires rock bottom knowledge of all the technical and software knowledge to give a new dynamic look to the news paper. 

Our designers design the portals that are user friendly and easy to navigate. Apart from being eye catchy our Hindi news portals provides great space for publications, press releases, columns, articles and other current news from all over the world.

These software professionals weave and develop state of art news portals incorporating modern styles and content management systems that enable the readers to read the news effectively, navigate easily and also enable fast loading. Also we provide for sections for news like entertainment, jobs, education, science etc. and all other aspects required fornews portal design

We table in diversified features like:

  1. Hindi news website and portal development
  2. Customized news portal development
  3. Customized news portal design
  4. Automated and integrated content management system
  5. Good interface
  6. Robust maintenance and support system
  7. Images and video posts
  8. News highlights
  9. Easy managing administration panel
  10. Latest news updates
  11. Polls
  12. Multi linguistic support
  13. New innovative techniques

We are the pioneers in designing Hindi news portals. Our constant effort is to make the portal look realistic, encouraging and eye catchy. Readers who visit the site would expect some interesting news and vital facts from news paper portals and we understand this aspect and see to it that the news paper portal look genuine and realistic. 

We incorporate latest techniques as we as team always stay ahead of technology and table in innovative methods to generate out of the box Hind news paper portal designs that create jaw drop effect on all the readers.

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